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Taxi and Private Hire Insurance

January 8, 2012 by

Many different taxis are available for the people of the UK and for tourist. If you are considering a taxi, how can you make sure the driver has private hire taxi insurance? Taxi drivers will have a copy of their license to drive in possibly two places. One copy should appear laminated on the front of the vehicle where anyone can see it and check to see if it is expired. Some companies provide a current copy of taxi and private hire insurance policies to people who are concerned and ask to view it. However, most drivers will not have the insurance placed where it can be seen. The Public Carriage Office will run random checks of drivers and taxis to be sure they have current and comprehensive insurance coverage.

If you are concerned about the vehicle, the license of the driver should be very visible and often is laminated on a white plate in the back of the vehicle. You can ask the driver for proof of insurance or a copy may be available posted in the vehicle. If you stick with a reputable firm, you should also be able to alleviate some of your concern on whether the vehicle is covered for your protection. Most drivers will probably not have the taxi and private hire insurance ID displayed but should make it available for anyone who wishes to see it.

A certified vehicle will have been checked to ensure that the driver is ‘fit and proper’ and that the driver follows a certain standard concerning age and driving record. The taxi itself should have a ‘condition of fitness’ certificate which ensures the vehicle meets the standards of the licensing authority. The driver will have a badge number and/or a plate number on the vehicle that is often tied to a database that shows everything concerning the vehicle. If you call in advance, as is often required, you can check on the status of the taxi you will be meeting up with. Always ask a driver to see their taxi and private hire insurance before you get into the vehicle. Your life may depend on it.

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