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The Novice Cab Driver’s Guide to Dealing with Passengers

July 27, 2012 by

The passengers are how cab drivers make their money. That’s why drivers must be able to converse with them. They’ll also have to deal with drunken passengers and those people who are just having a bad day. Taxi insurance in the UK often comes into its own when it comes to passengers as the inside and outside of the cab can be damaged by someone having a bad night. If there’s no cover then the costs come out of the driver’s own pocket.

Have a Range of Subjects

Some people will just prefer to be silent at all times whereas others will just want to talk about themselves. Dealing with these people is easy because it’s just a matter of nodding, grunting, or just doing nothing at all.

However, when the individual wants to talk the driver has to be able to converse about some common subjects. Sports, politics, and current events are the three main subjects. This doesn’t mean that the driver has to become an expert. It just means that it will be rewarding if they glance through the headlines or watch the news every morning or evening.

Be Firm But Fair

When unruly individuals enter the cab don’t be afraid to tell them to stop doing something. If they are pulling at the upholstery then put a stop to it immediately. Taxi insurance UK will cover any damage, but the less damage there is the fewer problems are caused. If an individual is particularly drunk or unruly then don’t be afraid to just refuse to pick them up. Some people can get in such a state that they shouldn’t be allowed into the taxi.

The Music

Music is the way to create an atmosphere. But make sure that it’s a neutral radio station. That means drivers shouldn’t be putting on the heavy metal or classical music channel. Just put on one of the mainstream ones that everybody can be satisfied with. Also, remember to keep it at a suitable volume level. Don’t antagonise passengers just because the music is blasting out of the car. Music should be low enough to act as background music.

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